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Similar to Sudoku, the goal of this puzzle is to fill the squares with numbers such that each row and column contains each digit exactly once. The numbers used in each column or row for an nxn square are the integers from 1 to n. The numbers in the polygons bordered by the bold lines must satisfy the the mathematical operations given. For instance, if it says 15+, then the numbers add up to 15; 60x means the product is 60. Those with subtractions and divisions cover only two squares, and likewise, 3- shows that the two digits differ by 3, while indicate that one number is twice as the other.

There are several ways to input numbers: (1) left-click on the square and select a value (2) move you cursor to the square and type in the number.

Note that there is no certain direction for subtractions or divisions. Subtraction 1 and Subtraction 2 are both possible arrangements.

Here are some examples of the puzzle with their solutions.

Example 8  Solution
Example 9  Solution

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