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Proofs For Purpose Event, May 2020

Proofs for Purpose was a free, week-long math puzzle competition aimed to help provide underprivileged students with a fun opportunity to explore the world of math while simultaneously helping our frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here at WSMA, we understood that with the pandemic came huge detriments to all demographics, one of them being school children. Students were deprived of a stable education for weeks, and underfunded schools especially suffered through those unconventional times. Proofs for Purpose aimed to provide a fun challenge for students free of charge to amplify their interest in proofs when their schools were unable to offer such resources. Three challenging, open-ended math puzzles crafted by WSMA associates were sent to the participants along with a week deadline to solve and/or prove each one. As a result of our successful event, nearly $1K was donated to the COVID-19 designation of the Evergreen Health Foundation . Our event was able to assist two demographics: the students, by inspiring them to enrich their learnings in math beyond what is offered in the common classroom through fun math puzzles, and the low income demographic along with hospitals who are taking the hardest hits by providing financial aid for basic needs.

We look forward to hosting another Proofs for Purpose event in the future!