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WSMA used to host regular practices for various competitions throughout the year. All interested students welcome to attend.

2012 ARML practices kicked off on Sunday, March 4. For more details, please contact Sivaprasad Padisetty.

Practices for other competitions are held on a case-by-case basis and by popular demand. To stay up to date on practice information, please subscribe to our Practices mailing list.


Note: not all practice information is available at this time.

February 06, 2010 – Fourth Practice

Materials: 2003 ARML Relay Rounds and Super Relay

January 09, 2010 – Third Practice

Materials: 1998 ARML Individual and Relays | 2008 Washington State Math Championship Geometry Test | 2007 Potpourri Test

November 07, 2009 – Second Practice

Materials: 1997 ARML Individual and Relays | Solution Writing Guide (AoPS) - How to write proofs effectively

October 10, 2009 – Practice Kickoff

Materials: 1996 ARML Team and Individual | 2008 Math is Cool Championships Pre-Algebra Test | 2009 USA AMC 10a Test