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Washington ARML A Team 2011 The Washington ARML A Team took 1st place at the Las Vegas site and 5th place in the nation at the ARML meet on June 3–4, 2011. Download the press release »

Washington ARML

Each year in June, 30 of the top math students across Washington State travel to Las Vegas, NV to compete at the national American Regions Math League meet. The students compete individually and in teams on a series of test that emphasize teamwork, advanced precalculus problem-solving, and mathematical proofs.

The 30 students on the Washington ARML team are divided into two sub-teams of 15 students each. Each sub-team competes in either Division A or Division B depending on the Washington team's performance during the previous year's ARML meet.

Students on the ARML team are expected to demonstrate a significant amount of leadership and initiative toward preparing for the competition. Throughout the months prior to the meet, team members host informal practice sessions to prepare for the competition. In the past, WSMA has partnered with the Washington ARML team to host such practices.

Students qualify to be a part of the team based primarily on their scores on state and national competitions, such as the AMC, AIME, and Mu Alpha Theta State. The team welcomes students of all age levels through the senior year of high school — traditionally, several team members have been as young as 5th or 6th grade.

For more information about the team or to see if you or one of your students qualifies, please contact Tom Norris, the head coach of the Washington ARML team.

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