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1. Expansion of Math Club Programs

One of the greatest aspirations of the Washington Student Math Association is to assist the building of math clubs in schools that don't have the foundations in place already. We provide a starter pack for coaches and club leaders who want to expand their school's horizions in a mathematical sense. WSMA is available to extend a helping hand along the way, and often hosts seminars and informative meetings for mathematicians of all shapes and sizes.

2. Sustaining a State-wide Network

The Washington Student Math Association also provides communicative and interactive opportunities for all member schools through a symbiotic network. This network is a means of sharing new ideas and circulating old practices to collaboratively construct a higher standard for math club operations and infrastructure. The WSMA community operates primarily through regular meetings, but can be available to the public through publications that are continually catalogued online as well through Q&A services. Other online math resources are listed on the WSMA website for public use.

3. Practice Opportunities

The Washington Student Math Association holds practices for competitive math for current and aspiring math club members, as well as other interested members of the public. Meetings are led by the members of the ARML (American Regions Math League) Washington state team; the ARML Washington team consists of the top 30 individual high school math competitors selected annually to represent the state of Washington at the national ARML contest. All participants in these practices must either be a registered member of WSMA or a member of the ARML team. To participate, contact WSMA for more details.

4. Math Expos and Tutoring Events

The Washington Student Math Association hosts a series of "Math Expos" as free, group math lessons and tutoring events on a monthly basis. Our aim with these expos is to raise interest and excitement about mathematics among K-12 students. Students who come to our expos will gain skills and problem solving abilities that will aid them later in their academic careers and the corporate world. Most importantly, we seek to make math fun and engaging for students who are willing to take the extra step outside of school to learn and/or seek help with math.

5. Math Bowl Competition

WSMA hosts an annual jeopardy-style math tournament for high school students. Teams of four face off and race to solve challenging problems. The Math Bowl is meant to break the paradigms of standard math competitions by rewarding teamwork rather than individual accomplishment.